How do I delete a file using Wisescript?


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How do I delete a file using Wisescript?


The Delete Files Action removes files from the destination computer. You do not need to delete temp files if you use the Get Temporary Filename action to create them. They get deleted automatically.

To complete the dialog:

  • Pathname
    Specify the file or files to delete (examples: %TEMP%\Application.dll or %MAINDIR%\*.htm). You cannot perform wildcard deletions in the Windows, System, or root directories. Clicking Browse shows only files in the current WiseScript that are installed into the %MAINDIR%, %SYS32%, %SYS%, OR %FONTS% directories.
  • Include Sub-Directories
    If you entered the path to a directory or used a wildcard, mark this to delete matching files in all subdirectories as well.
  • Remove Directory Containing Files
    If this is marked, and if the deletion leaves the directory empty, then the directory is deleted also.