pcAnywhere Automated Uninstall Procedures


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This article outlines how to uninstall pcAnywhere. If you would like to disable pcAnywhere without completely removing it, see the steps in this article.


pcA Solution (ITMS/CMS 7.0 7.1 and 7.5)

In cases where pcAnywhere was installed on endpoints using Client Management Suite or IT Management Suite versions 7.0 7.1 and 7.5 use the following steps to remove it from endpoints.

  1. Browse to Actions > Agents/ Plugins > Roll Out Agents/Plugins.
  2. Expand the tree on the left side of the screen to Agents/Plugins > Remote Management > Remote Control > <Linux/ Mac/ Windows>.
  3. Ensure that the Uninstall policy is targeted to the correct group of computers. Enable the policy.

  1. Repeat process in steps 1-3 for all necessary platforms.
  2. To verify that all devices have removed the client, browse to Manage > Filters > Software Filters > Agent and Plug-in Filters > pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows, Mac, Linux Installed Active. Ensure that no computers show up in the list.

pcA Windows command line

If you are using the boxed version of the product and would like to script the uninstall of pcAnywhere, use the following commands. For each command, use the portion within the quotes. The only difference between each command is the beginning portion of the product code.

  • pcA 10.0 = “msiexec /x {B05E8183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 10.5 = “msiexec /x {C05E8183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 11.0 = “msiexec /x {E05E8183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 11.5 = “msiexec /x {115E8183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 12.0 = “msiexec /x {12018183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 12.1 = “msiexec /x {12118183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”
  • pcA 12.5 = “msiexec /x {12518183-866A-11D3-97DF-0000F8D8F2E9} /qn”


Removing pcA 9.0 through the Windows command line

The registry key to detect pcA 9.0 is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\pcANYWHERE32

The uninstall routine is an .exe file that was shipped with 9.0 and is found at the following location:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\remove.exe

The uninstall process for pcA 9.0 is not silent and will require end user to click Yes to uninstall.


pcA Mac and Linux

If you are using pcA on Mac or Linux, use the following command:

"java -jar /usr/local/lib/pcAnywhere/_uninst/uninstall.jar –silent"

Additional security steps

  1. Block key ports
    • The default ports are 5631 (TCP data port), and 5632 (UDP status port). These ports are configurable so your installation may differ. If you are using ITMS or CMS, you can check your configured port by browsing to Setting > All Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Remote Management > <Platform> > pcAnywhere Settings – <Platform>.
  2. Use App Metering or a similar tool to block execution of key executables
    1. Block the following key executable:
      • winaw32.exe
      • awhost32.exe
    2. Below is a list of all executables that are involved in any way with network communication:
      • awhost32.exe
      • awhprobe.exe
      • awrem32.exe
      • awshim.exe
      • DSBrowse.exe
      • pcAQuickConnect.exe
      • thinprobe.exe
      • THost.exe
      • Winaw32.exe
      • Access Server
      • GateWay