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The following issues have been addressed and resolved in the point fix roll up. All these fixes will be included in the next update when it is released. Once the update is released all customers who've applied the point fix rollup will need to upgrade.
Please note:
  • The rollup has not gone through the full suite of testing normally associated with a regular release.
  • The rollup must be installed in a test environment and be tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A Symantec support engineer should assist with the initial installation of the rollup.
Before applying this rollup it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your ProcessManager database. There is no option to uninstall this rollup once it is applied. If the customer must back out the rollup they will need to completely re-install Workflow and restore the backed up database.
Etrack#  Explaination of Issue Build Date Build Version
2624885 Not able to import Excel file in 'Read Excel Spreadsheet' component. 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2636201 Process Document Webpart will not display on SD Incident View Page due to SQL timeout. 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2636246 Scheduled report outputting as Excel gives error about worksheet name in logs. 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2636295 Report builder allows for the selection of non supported data types when creating aggregates. 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2639792 Report Schedules: Error processing tasks 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2639952 From ServiceDesk: Process Permissions are being overridden or not respected 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2646007 Process Profile types of Date show date and time in process info web part and process profile web parts in Process View page. 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2654976 Chat doesn't work without account management permissions 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2661665 Iterate Text File Lines broken in SP2 1/11/2012 7.1.1460.1996
2424374 Links in RSS feeds on a HTTPS install of WF/SD go to incorrect URL. 1/31/2012 7.1.1460.2003
2670032 Global Session is getting dropped 1/31/2012 7.1.1460.2003
2668122 Incident Smart Tasks can no longer contain foreign characters in name. 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2687998 If "Convert Native Users to Active Directory User" is enabled in Portal Master Settings, the First Name field for synched AD users will be created as "FirstName\Domain" in Process Manager. 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2689940 SQL Connection String Encryption Tool Not supporting Changes after installation 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2693639 Error deleting user data. LogicBase.Core.Messaging.CouldNotCreateExchangeException: The requested exchange is not externally available. When clicking logout of ProcessManager portal. 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2693660 Getting "conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier" when component of Altiris7.ResourceComponents.GetAssetsByIDComponent class executes. 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2700078 SLA Warn Date calculations are off if IM ticket created after 4pm. 2/23/2012 7.1.1460.2008
2671587 "DataGridViewComboBoxCell value is not valid" error message occurs when calling certain stored procedures 3/7/2012 7.1.1460.2013
2692004 After applying 7.1 SP2 Rollup, most reports show up with squeezed columns in IE browser. 3/7/2012 7.1.1460.2013
2706096 ASDK Task generator fails with number of compiler errors 3/7/2012 7.1.1460.2013
2715830 In Servicedesk Tech Feeder form, If you selected an object in a subdialog form, when control returns to the Main Form, the user receives control before all data posted; the form does not hold the cursor location, allowing data to be overwritten 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2725004 End user views for process view page cannot be modified. 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2740442 'Get All Users Component' fails when there are users with multiple Direct Reports set. 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2742403 AD Sync is not testing to see if the AD users PrimaryEmail Address is also included in the USEREMAILADDRESS Table 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2744498 After installing the Workflow 7.1 SP2 pointfix rollup patch, the Dashboard page is no longer accessible. 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2751764 There are a large variety of Web Parts the are using the HTML editor component. This component is allowing Script injection to occur 4/24/2012 7.1.1460.2036
2659547 POINTFIX - Iterate Text file lines causes error when configuring: the method that gets the hide value is not valid : fileNameDataType 5/15/2012 7.1.1460.2041
2705763 Problems with Service Catalog web part (problem is actually Report webpart) 5/15/2012 7.1.1460.2041
2740966 ExportCategory.axd is missing from http://localhost/ProcessManager/Hierarchy/vdir 5/15/2012 7.1.1460.2041
2785173 Grid components in Internet Explorer 9 stops functions once you start clicking in the grid. 5/15/2012 7.1.1460.2041
2809347 In a Load balanced Environment, if AD sync is configured on Front End and Back End servers, all Servers run the Sync, causing a unnecessary load on the SQl server. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2812624 Can Outrun Category Items and Get Duplicate Categorizations 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2812809 When Creating a new Group from an Existing Group, Document Category Permissions are taking a very long time to process, and crashing the group creation process 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2812814 If a User is logged in as admin, any usage of the Servicedesk classification breaks the Session and disables the EnsembleMenuSelect Component across the environment 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2812591 Add Process Comments Reporting Functionality from SP2 to SP2 Rollup 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2670194 Decision Only doesn't work with ADUserInfo datatype input or output data 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2674342 Userman WebService - SetUserPrimaryEmailByID not properly handling changing primary Email. Primary Key Violation 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2731344 Web Service Generator underscores and spaces problem. See attached screenshot. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2771467 Security hole within Process Assignments web part on Incident Process View page. This is Failing In Servicedesk as well. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2784984 Query Generator throws error if you include the same parameter name in query more than once 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2784997 Possible that report message can be processed more than once 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785000 Resource Generator is failing because SMP is returning a value of 'namespace'. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785006 SQL Table generator component datatype doesn't update to include new columns even after multiple adjust definitions and recompiles. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785018 TestIfUserExists1 component always returns True. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785024 FormBuilder component doesn't have access to global variables. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785034 Unable to select specific OU's or Groups in AD Synch Profile when using German language. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785037 When trying to edit/add phone number on the existing user, getting an error "Wrong Phone Number Format" 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785042 Postback issues on Advanced Incident form. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785053 SQL Connection String Encryption Tool Not supporting Changes after installation 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785061 Report Schedules: Error processing tasks 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785065 Duplicated task names in SMP causes task generator to spin out of control 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2785228 AD Sync incremental update not working correctly in environment with multiple domain controllers 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2795792 Incorrect error msg when opening ServiceDesk if the services are in a bad state..."Symantec Workflow server" in not installed 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2803563 CAB groups unable to view Process History contents on CM process view page. ProcessData.ViewAll permission not respected by history web part. 6/8/2012 7.1.1500.2062
2817596 Incorrect error msg when opening ServiceDesk if the services are in a bad state..."Symantec Workflow server" in not installed. Port is Busy: All pipe instances are busy. 6/19/2012 7.1.1500.2071
2818830 Permissions for KB attached documents are only granted to the KB creator, instead of all users. 6/19/2012 7.1.1500.2071
2827438 The Take Screenshot option in the General Feeder form does not function properly in a system with HTTPS/SSL in use. 6/19/2012 7.1.1500.2071
2286588 Report Sorting takes too long    
2831685 Suggestion to rename "Endpoint Address" field to "Domain Controller" where you setup your AD Connection Settings    
2832030 Script injection is possible when entering a comment Comment editor of the Process View Page    
2835076 Projects will not open if SQL Table Generated Components are recompiled with additional columns    
2837931 HTTP POST Component does not support a timeout value and is timing out.    
2844071 LOC All: The SMP link in the "Start-> all program->symantec" is displaying with junk character.    
2850322 Go Back in a form builder is not returning the user to the proper form.    
2851998 The "User Defined Type with DB Mapping" Generator generates "No parameterless constructor defined for this object" when the "Get XXX by ID" component is used in a project if the definition of the type has a property configured as "Many" rather than "One".    
2857120 Scheduled active directory syncs will not occur after an IIS reset. Update or reset sync must be initiated manually in order for scheduled syncs to resume working    
2861793 AD Sync defaults empty emails back to to the default format on update.    
2867875 SQL SymQ has bad queries that use BINARY_CHECKSUM. Results in processes seeming to have tasks that belong to other processes.    
2874954 License error when removing contact from incident using Firefox.    
2889771 Instead of showing first 50 characters and rest showing ... , "Document Category Type Summary page" shows all characters of description    
2894745 Error message window gets displayed when 'get website' link is clicked.    
2905113 Process manager has a few 'scheduled threads' that are running processes on multiple machines in load balanced environments    
2905247 Script Injection Possible in KB Creation form.    
2907774 Send Email: Plaintext e-mails can not contain line breaks.    
2916609 Getting error “The procedure 'sys.sp_addlinkedserver' cannot be executed within a transaction” even if Transaction Configuration is set to " Do Not Participate"    
2919798 Upgrade setup: During uninstallation of SMP, warning message for Workflow Documentation languages is observed on ITMS 7.1 SP2 MP1 setup of build - released on 31-Aug-2012    
2929723 Issue caused by editing SD Incident View page with browser language set to other than engish.    
2943402 Workflow is vulnerable to reflected cross-site scripting. Insufficient URL input validation in the helper%24hidden    
2951994 AD Sync using specific OUs has selecting/deselecting problems with parent and child OUs    
2954834 Report Generator created component errors out with "invalid parameter name"    
2960159 Incidents with multiple primary contacts display multiple times on incidents reports    
2962992 Components from Office.dll (such as Excel Write Component) generate Syncfusion Licensing errors when used in a Decision project and published as an EXE.    
2969560 issue with users not being able to work tickets due to duplicated email address.    
2980102 'Age' columns in reporting incorrectly accounts for the user's timezone (pointfix request for 7.1 SP2).    
2981174 Authorization Basic token is decoded to give username and password.    
2981428 Authorization Basic token is decoded to give username and password.    
2981932 Workflow Service exposes unsecured .net remoting methods which can be exploited to install and execute code on a remote server.    
2982876 Hook 7.1 SP3 build up to CCNET so its automated.    
2982944 Zombie Check Errors    
2985281 The IFrameWebPart does not have the ability to pass in a ReportProcessID. It should have that functionality. - Clone for Sp3    
2989603 When creating a User report, under Data, 'Active' and 'Locked' are referencing same column when you view SQL of report.    
2990657 Cannot sort by column on SQL reports by clicking column headers on the executed report.    
2990692 Cannot find SQL Version info    
2999842 Release Note: Documentation Library contains broken link to PDF document.    
3017657 Zombie Check Errors    
3017768 issue seen when multiple users are concurrently adding attachments to different KB articles.    
3021857 Age Description columns are sorted by string not numeric value behind it.    
3029392 using <> characters in Multiline Text box component will cause an application error. No errors logged, doesn't trigger a project level exception.    
3039482 Workflow_Core SymQ LBME.WorkflowResponseQueue does not support being configured to use SQL persistence instead of file persistence.    
3039510 Admin - Report Schedule List - does not create report in file and email.    
3044403 Webservice for reports enabled for programmatic access doesn't work if DateRange type columns are included in report.    
3052922 Start Menu not localized completely on 2K8 R2 SP1 when SMP Mp1.1 installed.    
3053577 Errors in Webforms projects are not logged under certain conditions.    
3053600 When creating a custom event target component names are not displayed properly in the dropdown list    
3059969 Quick Link Dialog Workflow component throws soap error when invoking quick links.    
3063616 Dialog sessions are passed via querystring but should be stored in a cookie.    
3080359 URI field on Listener projects are configured to by default.    
3092703 Task Age columns in reporting incorrectly account for the user's timezone.    
3097747 7.1.1600 WF builds import AD Contacts and end up associating ALL AD Contact email addresses with last AD Contact imported    
3105337 Adjust SD license to allow view of closed incidents after license expires    
3107038 Removal of Group Action drop down box from Report View web part causes Report Selection functionality to stop working.    
3116933 SQL Connections not being closed causing error: The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.    
3116938 AD Pass Thru Authentication for Chrome / Firefox    
3116941 Removing last item from array causes an exception upon the next Form Builder.    
3119920 Report - "Export to Excel" gives object reference error    
3120663 Pass-through authentication does not work for Process Manager Login component due to one of the used pages being hardcoded to localhost.    
3123791 Resource Generator is failing because SMP is returning a value of 'namespace'.    
3127536 Date values on Process View Page in Process Info web part do not work in 24h format.    
3127751 Errors with dialog sessions: The dialog session named 'xyz' was not found.    
3127868 Email processing components are unable to handle encoded attachment filenames.    
3141140 [global] System.InvalidOperationException: Object is currently in use elsewhere.    
3150309 Resource generator output should block association methods where the Child is a Resource (web services aren't returning this type)    
3193629 Resource Generator crashes when \ characters are used in the Resource or Data Class type fields on the SMP.    
3196979 Resource Generator fails when enum values start with a number character.    
3201476 KB Needed: If the text we enter into the TextBox component contains html tags, an Application error will be thrown    
3201662 Editing the Servicedesk Incident storage preference, so "Clean Up Messages on Process End" box is checked, removes entries in Servicedesk Incident Management table    
3215057 SearchUser component does not filter out inactive users    
3261863 Listbox on a form loses selection when flow goes out the form and then comes back.    
3287423 Putting 'Get Resource with Name for SMP' inside a for each element loop causes component to error "Variable <outputvariablename> on property OutputResource is not an array and should not be"    
3296281 Searching for users in the portal only finds inactive users.    
3298919 Adding a Custom Permission to Schedules causes the ability to change to other schedules to be removed     
3309887 .ZIP files created by "ZIP files" component are corrupt according to several popular tools. 11/4/2013 7.1.1600.77
3342270 Error "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute." 11/4/2013 7.1.1600.77
3343070 Web Service generated components are creating GetAddedData but not implementing ISinglePathdataAdded when out parameters are present 11/4/2013 7.1.1600.77
3349067 The 'Get Resource with Name for SMP' component declares that it outputs an array but does not 11/4/2013 7.1.1600.77


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