How to add a new domain to Brightmail Gateway


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You wish to know how to add a new domain to the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)


SMG appliance running version 9.x.

Delivery of mail downstream to a mail server(s) with multiple domains.

Mail Acceptance for all domains is through the SMG.


Log into the SMG Control Center

Navigate to (Protocols > Domains)

Click Add.

Enter a domain name that you would like to accept email for.

** Optionally you can modify the delivery to a different Mail server for the accepted domain **

{Example: Server A: Accepts for and, Server B: Accepts for  Adding you would want to route optionally to the IP of Server B.}

Select the Delivery tab

Select the Optionally route this domain or email address check box

Select the Destination Host radio button

Click the Add button

Enter the IP Address / Port / and Preference number of the mail server host.

* Recommended to not use the MXlookup.*

Click Save.