Workflow and ServiceDesk project license usage


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Workflow is not a free product. The licensing for Workflow is authorized for customers with a valid license for any of the ITMS solutions that run through the Symantec Management Platform such as Asset, Deployment Solution or the full ITMS solution.

Workflow does not require an SMP server to install or use on its own server.

Workflow is available by downloading and installing SMP (Symantec Management Platform) or another solution that includes the SMP console. The Workflow server installer is automatically downloaded during the SMP console install.

ServiceDesk exception.
If Workflow is being used to work on ServiceDesk components/projects or to publish projects with ServiceDesk components, ServiceDesk must be installed on the same server and that requires a ServiceDesk license. Any of the projects that are out of box listed under the WorkFlow Projects folder on a ServiceDesk server have Service Desk components.

If you are receiving the following license error when publishing a custom project this could indicate a Service Desk component is in the project and therefore would need a Service Desk license. "Component is bound to service context [ServiceDesk] but the license provider for this context failed to provide a license"