How to compile and add drivers for Linux automation in Deployment Solution 7.1x?


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The Linux pre-boot environment shipped with Deployment Solution 7.1x uses kernel from the OpenSUSE 11.1 distribution with  EXTRAVERSION = .7 (see Makefile). This HowTo assumes you have access to a machine running OpenSUSE Linux 11.1 with appropriate privileges and also gcc* is installed.

To simplify compile procedure, we have attached files required from "kernel-source-". Download the attached ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz to any directory of your choice (procedure below assumes you have downloaded it to /tmp directory)

# cksum ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz
511421079 70496224 ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz

# md5sum ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz
e4e4246f76cea4b746db72e3989ac2e7  ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz


1. Create environment to compile custom driver.
# cd /tmp
# tar xzvf ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz
# cd /tmp/ds7x_linux_source/linux-
# cp ../config/config_2.6.27.7_x86 .config
# make oldconfig && make bzImage
(Note: make modules is not required to compile custom driver)

2. Create custom driver
Change to the directory containing the driver source files and run following command to create custom driver.

# make -C /tmp/ds7x_linux_source/linux- SUBDIRS=$PWD modules

3. Copy *.ko file  to your DS server.

4. Follow procedure in HOWTO10872 to add new custom driver (See: Deployment Solution 7.1 SP1 and forward).

Symantec Support does not provide assistance with compiling or creating drivers for automation environments. Support is available to assist with adding previously compiled drivers for NIC and mass storage hardware to WinPE 2.1 and Linux pre-boot environments, but Symantec does not guarantees that compiled drivers will work for all hardware types.


ds7x_linux_source.tar.gz get_app