What new options are available in the SEE Recover 8.2.0b Utility and what are they used for? (Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Edition)


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Endpoint Encryption




The most recent version of the SEE Recover Utility v. 8.2.0b contains a few new options in addition to those formerly available. All options are described below :

1) recover /A - attempts a repair of the SEE volume files

2) recover /D - decrypts the drive using a Client Administrator credential

3) recover /B - decrypts the drive using a .dat file taken from the SEE Management Server

4) recover /O - this command restores the drive to the OEM state, keeping user data intact

5) recover /S - this command restores the drive to the OEM state after performing a secure erase of user data

6) recover /F - Safe Mode Reboot

Note that options 4&5 only apply to managed OPAL compliant drives. These commands will have no effect on non-OPAL drives. The last option simply restarts the machine, displaying the option to press F8 for Safe Mode. This is used in situations where USB attached devices are non-responsive or other issues exist preventing us from entering Safe Mode normally.