"Failed to Insert Row into Table" error on Notification Server located in the United Kingdom


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Why is it that my NS, which is located in the United Kingdom with United Kingdom regional settings, is experiencing the following symptoms?
  1. To my knowledge, it does not display accurate data under certain reports such as the one outlined below. I am sure that my clients are updating their configuration with the NS and successfully receiving and/or updating their client policies. An example of a report effected is the following report:

    Reports > Notification Server Infrastructure > Agent > Configuration Request > Clients with no configuration in last N days

  2. I receive a similar error to the following in my NS logs. The NS logs can be found under <Install Path>\Notification Server\Logs (note the error in grammar which is part of the code, falied should be failed):

    Jun 28 09:46:46  Falied to insert row into table ( INSERT INTO dbo.[Evt_NS_Event_History]
    ([_ResourceGuid],[ResourceGuid],[EventData],[ErrorNumber],[ItemName],[ResourceName],[TickCount],[ItemGuid],[StartTime]) VALUES (N'74e65388-bb3b-44e5-ae64-d2665a49aafa',N'{74e65388-bb3b-44e5-ae64-d2665a49aafa}',N'',N'0',N'Basic Inventory Capture Item',N'',N'62',N'{1592b913-72f3-4c36-91d2-d4eda21d2f96}',N'2005-06-28 09:46:42') )

Notification Server 6.0

In most cases when NS is installed onto a SQL server with United Kingdom regional settings, the default language of the user connecting to the Altiris Database is set to British English. This causes the conversion error that is experienced with the datetime data type.


  1. Navigate to the following area in SQL Server Enterprise Manager on your Notification Server:

    Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > (local)(Windows NT) > Security > Logins

  2. Right-click on the SA account or the account that you use from the Notification Server to connect to SQL and choose the appropriate database (in most cases it will be Altiris).
  3. Under the Language option under the General tab, change British English to English.
  4. The MSSQLSERVER service will need to be restarted.