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Is it possible to capture certain date and time stamps regarding installed software and inventory scans?


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Is it possible to capture the Software Installed Date in Altiris?
Is it possible to create a report on all the antivirus disabled machines?
Is it possible to get the client system time and date of the custom inventory scan, when this scan was executed on the client?

We can report on software installation that we have deployed to machines, but we cannot report on when a certain application was installed onto a machine that was installed by means other then Altiris by default.  If this data is entered into the Registry, WMI, or file, we can of course report this via Custom Inventory.

The following built in reports will provide you with the installation date and time for SWD Programs:

Reports Tab > Reports > Software Management > Software Delivery > Windows > Client Program Execution.

The Evt_AeX_SWD_Execution Table contains records of all SWD program actions, so you will be able to create a report based on this Table in order to see when your Inventory Tasks have run.

Creating a report that will tell you if AV is disabled on a machine or not should not be that hard as I believe all AV programs have services, which means that you can use the Inv_AeX_AC_NT_Services Table.  You can also use our built in AV reports to help you identify which machines still require AV protection:

Reports Tab > Reports > Assets and Inventory > Inventory > Win32 > Software/Applications > Anti-Virus