New hire


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New hire

Scenario: A new-hire webform asks an employee if she needs anything to properly perform job. When she requests a garage pass, a ticket is created to meet the need.

Process: This process is actually the final process in a much larger new-hire process. It is created as a Workflow-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

After the Create Notification Server Credentials component retrieves credentials that let the process communicate with Notification Server, a Dialog Workflow component sends the new hire an email with a link. The link takes her to the webform contained in the Dialog Workflow component that contains a text box and two buttons.

The following screen shot shows the form at run-time:

If the employee fills out a request, the text filled in the text box becomes an output variable called NewHireRequests. This text variable then goes into the comment section of the Create Ticket component.

The following screen shot shows the Create Ticket editor:

The text variable NewHireRequests is added to the ticket comment.

If the employee clicks "I have no needs at this point" the process ends.

Other components in this example are as follows: