Cell phone resource


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Cell phone resource

Scenario: A company has never before tracked cell phones in their Notification Server. Before the company can begin tracking cell phones, employees must enter their cell phone data (specifically phone number). A workflow process takes the data and creates a cell phone resource for the given user.

Process: This process is created as a Webforms-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

After the information is entered in the form, the Create Resource component creates a new CellPhone resource by mapping the raw data into the CellPhone resource type.

The following screen shot shows the editor for the Create Resource component:

The Mapping Definition property lets you map a process data variable into its corresponding variable in a data type.

The following screen shot shows the mapping in the Create Resource component:

This mapping configuration takes the raw process data from the Web form and puts it into a predefined Symantec resource, in this case CellPhone. The Create Resource component then outputs this data type as a process variable, in this case called NewCellPhoneResource.

Before the new cell phone resource can be associated with a user in Notification Server, the Get User By Name component needs to retrieve a specific user

The Create Association component then associates the CellPhone resource with the name of the employee.

The following screen shot shows the Create Association component editor:

The newly created resource NewCellPhoneResource is being associated to the user called FetchedUser by a pre-defined relationship called UserOwnersForCellPhone. This relationship is one of many pre-defined relationships you can choose from.

Other components in this example are as follows: