Phone number lookup


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Phone number lookup

Scenario: Employees can click a link on an intranet site to lookup phone numbers for other employees. The employee looking up the phone number enters the name of another employee in a webform and submits the request. The webform returns with the requested phone number.

Process: This process is built as a Webforms-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

A Form Builder component begins the process and is invoked when an employee clicks the intranet link. The Form Builder component presents the employee with a webform that includes a textbox component. Users enter the name of another employee in this textbox, and the textbox outputs a data variable called EmployeeName.

A Matches Rule component follows the Form Builder component. The Matches Rule component takes the variable EmployeeName variable and compares it with a list of employee names defined inside the component. If it finds a match, it routes the process along the appropriate output path. If no match is found, the Matches Rule component sends the user back to the form.

One of the Terminating Form components then displays the phone number to the user, and the process ends.

Other components in this example are as follows: