About the Dialog Workflow component


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About the Dialog Workflow component

This component stops the workflow process to get information from a user. The Dialog Workflow component creates a specific task that requires a user to complete a web form. Once this form is complete, the component returns the gathered data and resumes the workflow process.

The following screen shot shows the Dialog Workflow component icon:

The Dialog Workflow component contains three internal models: a start process, a dialog model, and a finish process. These three models perform different functions within the component. The start process determines how the dialog is presented to the user who needs to interact with it. It answers the question, "How will the necessary user see this page?" For example, the start process may send an email to a group of employees, notifying them that certain actions are required of them, and providing them with a link to see the Webform where they can complete the actions. Or, the component creates a task that appears in a user's Web portal task list (for example, Process Manager or SharePoint).

The dialog model contains the form that a user sees.

The finish process lets you include a process that runs after the dialog model. This feature is rarely used, but it is useful for some situations, such as removing permissions immediately after a user has completed an assigned task.

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