Ticket reassignment


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Ticket reassignment

Scenario: When a Help Desk worker is laid off, all of her unresolved tickets must be reassigned to someone else.

Process: This process is created as a Webforms-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

A Form Builder component presents a Web form to a manager, who enters the name of the employee formerly responsible for the tickets and the name of the employee who is taking over.

A Find Help Desk contact component uses the entered employee name to look up the old employee.

The following screen shot shows the editor for the Find Help Desk contact component:

This screen shot shows a hard-coded value for the search value. In a more realistic example the value would be a process variable from the form that contained the entered name of the former employee.

A Find Tickets by Contact component collects all the tickets assigned to the former employee. This collection goes into the For Each Element in Collection component, which hands each data item to the rest of the process one at a time.

An AssignTicketOwnership component reassigns each ticket to another employee. When the list of tickets has been completely reassigned, the process ends.

An Exception Trigger component watches the model for any exceptions, and ends the process if one occurs.

Other components in this example are as follows: