Hardware request


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Hardware request

Scenario: An employee makes a hardware request using the Help Desk system. When the manager approves or denies the request, a comment is added to the ticket with the Add Ticket Comment component. The comment includes the manager's name and decision (approve/reject), and any comments the manager made about the decision.

Process: This process is created as a Workflow-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

After the manager approves or rejects the hardware request, the Add Ticket Comment retrieves the name of the item requested, the name of the requester, the ticket number, the manager's name, and any comments the manager left. The Add Ticket Comment component adds this data to the ticket as a comment.

The following screen shot shows the editor for the Add Ticket Comment component:

The ticket comment contains five process variables. The comment can also include plain text.

Other components in this example are as follows: