Purchase order request


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Purchase order request

Scenario: According to a company's purchasing policy, all purchases under $50 are automatically approved while purchases over $50 need manager approval.

Process: This process is created as a Workflow-type project.

The following screen shot shows the process:

When the employee submits the order request, the total cost is included. This cost data is manually entered by the employee, and stored in a variable called PurchaseTotalCost.

The Compare Numbers Rule component then compares the two numbers: the value of PurchaseTotalCost and $50.

The following screen shot shows the component editor:

If the value of PurchaseTotalCost is 50 or under, the purchase request is automatically approved and moves on to the purchasing department. If the value is over 50, the request goes to a manager for approval.

Other components in this example are as follows: