How to check Symantec Brightmail Gateway is synchronizing with NTP server


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You set Symantec Brightmail Gateway (SBG) to use NTP server for time synchronization. After the NTP server is specified from control center on the path: [Administration]  -> [Configuration] -> select the host and click [Edit] -> [DNS/Time] tab, you want to know if SBG is synchronizing with the NTP server with no problem.

The following methods can be used with admin account.

1. Login to SBG via SSH or local console with admin account.
2. Run the following command to check the current time to verify that the date and time is not drifting too much and is close to the current time.

>show --date

3. As NTPD deamon activities will be logged to messages log, we can filter according information from the message log. The following command will filter messages log with the keyword of the NTP server's IP address. The description of "synchronized to, stratum 11" is telling us that SBG is synchronized with NTP server.

> cat /data/logs/messages | grep
2011 Nov 14 16:14:11 (notice) ntpdate[22744]: step time server offset -0.003203 sec
2011 Nov 14 16:18:31 (info) ntpd[22752]: synchronized to, stratum 11
2011 Nov 14 16:59:21 (info) ntpd[22752]: synchronized to, stratum 11