How to Export the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Server Event Log
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How to Export the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Server Event Log


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The LiveUpdate Administrator Event Log records information about the events that LiveUpdate Administrator generates. This log can be viewed in the console of LUA 2.x.  There, events can be filtered by event type, users, and severity. You can also designate a specific date or a range of dates for the report.

This event log can be exported to a comma-separated file, in case it is desirable to view or search the events in a different format (imported into Excel, for example). Symantec Technical Support will also often request this exported file when troubleshooting an issue.

To Export the Event Log

  1. Navigate to the Event Log tab in the GUI
  2. Click on the Export icon in the upper right-hand corner.  (When the mouse hovers over this icon, the tool tip reads "Please click here to export whole event log as a CSV file")
  3. When prompted by the browser, save the "EventAuditLog.csv" file to a convenient location. 


 The following information is available in the Event Log:

  • Created: The date and time when the event was generated.
  • Event Type: The module that generated the event. The possible values are: Download, Schedule, Distribute, Log on/Log off, Server, and Catalog/Site List.
  • Severity: The severity of the event.
  • User: The user who generated the event.  (For purge events, LiveUpdate Administrator uses LUA Startup to initiate the process. This name appears in the list of users.)
  • Description: The description of the event.

To add these heading to the exported .csv, simply insert the following line at the top of the .csv text document:

0,Created,Event Type,Severity,User,Description

When opened in Excel (or similar) the columns will then have the correct headings.