Removing expired Certificate Authority certificates from the trusted certificate list


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Messaging Gateway




Over time some trusted Certificate Authority (CA) certificates will expire and will no longer be trusted by the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG). While there is no harm in leaving the expired certificates in the trusted CA certificate bundle some administrators may want to remove the expired certificates from the SMG control center.

To remove expired CA certificates:

  1. Log on to the SMG control center as an administrator and navigate to Administration > Settings > Certificates
  2. Select the Certificate Authority tab
  3. Click the Backup button and save the file
  4. Click the Restore button
  5. Browse to the backup file you just created, select it and click "Open"

The expired certificates will not be restored, effectively removing them from the CA certificate list.  Following message is displayed in the Control Center after a successful import:

"CA Certificates restored successfully. Note that expired certificates are not imported."