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What is a PBA Logon Timer and how do I use it?


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PBA Logon Timer is a Preboot Authentication Timer.

PBA Logon Timer sets how much time you have to enter the recovery token and then authenticate using the Whole Disk Recovery Token (WDRT). If PGP RDD policy includes these timers, you only have a limited amount of time to recover the computer before it shuts down again. If you run out of time, restart the computer and restart the recovery procedure.

The default value that is preset on the Universal Server is 25 minutes.

Note: This function is not available for all Intel Anti-Theft-enabled computers. It works with a pre-boot authentication recovery feature specific to only some computers, for example, laptops made by Panasonic. Should your laptop not support PBA please use the Unlock Timer feature on the Universal Server to specify the amount of time the user has for the recovery procedure.