How to customize ServiceDesk so that when a incident is created with the priority set to Urgent an email is sent to an static list


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Important - please read the following before continuing

The instructions in this article involve customizing ServiceDesk Workflow projects using Workflow Designer.
It is strongly recommended that customization of Workflow projects only be undertaken by Workflow or
ServiceDesk administrators who are experienced with creating, modifying, and publishing Workflow projects.

It is strongly recommended that the instructions in this article are first implemented and tested on a
development or test installation of ServiceDesk. This will help ensure that the customization works as the
user intends it to before introducing the changes to a production environment.

Any and all instructions for customizing ServiceDesk are provided "AS-IS". Symantec Technical Support is
generally unable to assist in implementing customizations or in troubleshooting any issues that arise as a
result of implementing customizations. Symantec Technical Support is also unable to assist the customer in
learning how to customize ServiceDesk. This level of support is provided by Consulting Services. For
information on this, please refer to the following articles:
Symantec Global Enterprise Support Services Support Policy for Symantec Workflow Solution / Symantec

Consulting Services


To allow for the sending of an e-mail when an 'Urgent' incident is created the following modification needs to be made to the SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms.

  1. Open the SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms WF in Workflow Designer
  2. Open Model [5]: Create Incident Process
  3. Drop a 'Equals Rule' component onto the Done stream of 'Incident Submission Confirmation'
  4. Edit the 'Equals Rule' component as follows
         - Data Type: Text
         - Variable Name: Incident.Priority
         - Compare To: Urgent
  5. Connect the 'Not Equals' stream to the 'Find Time Spent' component.
  6. Add a 'Send Email' component.
  7. Modify the 'Send Email' component with the necessary information.
  8. Connect the 'Equals' stream to the 'Send Email' component.
  9. Connect the 'Send Email' to the 'Find Time Spent' component.
  10. Save & Publish the WF.

 Image of customized workflow