How to create a Data Connector import rule to bring in new computers with domain names


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Computers can be imported into the Symantec Management Platform by using a Data Connector import rule. When doing so, it is recommended to specify their domain names. Later, when the Symantec Management Platform Agent checks in for the first time, this will automatically merge the records between the unmanaged data and the managed data. The following instructions demonstrate how to create an import rule to do this. Note: This article does not walk the user through understanding basic functionality concepts of how the Data Connector product works. If the user is unfamiliar with Data Connector, it is recommended to review its user guide, found here:

Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP1 User Guide

  1. Create a data file (*.csv or *.xls) for the computers to import. At a minimum, this must include the Name and Domain of the computers. For example:

    Name, Domain

    Note: The domain name should be spelled exactly as how it displayed for the domain name when a Symantec Management Platform Agent checks in. If not, automatic merging of inventory data may not occur.

  2. In the Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Settings button > All Settings > Notification Server > Connector > Data Sources. Create a new data source, set it to allow importing and point it to the new data file created in step 1.
  3. Click on Import/Export Rules, and create a new resource import export rule. Set it to use the data source created in step 2. Further configure the import rule as follows:

    a. Set the "Resource type" field to Computer.
    b. Set the "Resource lookup key" field to Computer Name/Domain.
    c. Set the Name field to Name, if it is already not set to that.
    d. Set the Domain field to Domain, if it is already not set to that.
    e. Set the "Resource name" field to Name.
    f. Click on the "Data class mappings    Select data class ..." link.
    g. From the Group drop down list, select Basic Inventory.
    h. Select AeX AC Identification.
    i. Click on the ">" button to add AeX AC Identification to the right "Selected items" list.
    j. Click on the OK button.
    k. A warning will appear, click on its OK button.
    l. Scroll down the data classes list looking for the AeX AC Identification section. The Name and Domain data classes should now be visible and set to Name and Domain, respectively.
    m. Click on the "Save changes" button.
    n. The import rule can now be tested or ran, to import new computer records into the database. Note: The user may wish to fill out other data classes as well. Many of these will be populated automatically, however, once the Symantec Management Platform Agent checks in with basic inventory, and if Inventory Solution is used, with more detailed inventory information.

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