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What data is needed to troubleshoot a possible rules issue in Patch Management?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




***NOTE*** There are two sets of data required. Please review steps 1, 2, and 3 below.  Data from steps 2 and 3 are needed to make a full assessment of and to correct any rules issues. Ensure for each that there are no errors.

This is the data required for Strategic Support & Development to review and isolate any targeting discrepancies in the rule logic for Patch Management Solution 7.5 through 8.x. This complete list of data must be gathered from a current PMImport to be effective.

If configurations and communications are in order; work through the following:

1.  Confirm the current PMImport version on the Console > Home > Patch Management > Windows > MetaData Import;

  • Double click the most recent successful task execution in the Task Status section and verify the date and 7.3.xx version number in the resulting pop-up window
  • Note: The below steps are not valid if the PM Import version is not the latest as changes occur with each version affecting applicability and is installed rules. If in doubt, run the PM Import again, then run a new Windows System Assessment Scan on the client system, and review Compliance Reports as applicable for the situation that prompted using this document

2.  Download (see the bottom of the article) and run the attached PMGatherRuleData64.exe (or 32.exe) to be executed on the Client to gather all needed data automatically.

  • When the executable completes the command window will close
  • Compress the folder created, C:\HOWTO60789, and send to Support.
  • NOTE: If unable to run the PMGatherRuleData, review the complete list of data in the attached Client_Data_Required.doc and work through the items individually.
  • If the Software Update fails to install with error Codes:
    • Download the Software Update Executable from the Download History in the Altiris Agent GUI > Software Updates tab > Download History tab of the individual Software Update (double-click to open)
      • Save the Software Update executable to the desktop; right-click > Run as Administrator
        • Provide a screenshot of resulting behavior or document results of manual execution and attach to data requested
    • Next, drill down on the affected Client to C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Patch\InstallationSandbox folder for the failed execution date/time:
      • Highlight the InstallationSandbox folder > Right-click > Send To > Compressed and attach to data requested
    • Last, drill down on the affected Client to C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\{PackageID}\Cache
      • This Package ID can be found from the Agent GUI > Software Updates as seen in the screenshot above for on the Details Tab
      • Highlight the Cache folder > Right-click > Send To > Compressed and attach to the data requested

3. Download, uncompress, and run the DPD Trace GUI Tool (click this link and see step 1 for tool download link) locally on the Client or Remotely if unable to download to the Client:

  • Ensure to enter an account with local administrator rights and password
  • Note - options occasionally change in OEM Version - select all 9.3.x versions):

  • When the tool completes, there will be a new folder inside of of the folder you ran the tool from:
  • Confirm the HFCLI folder contents house the XML scan results in the 9.3.x Folder (note not all folders will contain this file, but at least one needs to)
    • If no XML file is present in any of the 9.3.x folders; review the ErrorA.txt file to see why the gathering process failed and resolve the issue
    • The most common cause is a failure to download the file due to lack connection to that link; manually download the file from that link and place it in the downloaded DPD Trace GUI Tool > DataFiles folder and run the tool again


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