How to create or edit an IT Analytics report
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How to create or edit an IT Analytics report


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 How to create or edit an IT Analytics report


Unlike standard Symantec Management Platform reports, IT Analytic reports are all part of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Server. Microsoft Report Builder is therefore used to create or edit IT Analytic reports. Use the following instructions to launch Microsoft Report Builder:

  1. In the Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Settings button > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings.
  2. Click on Reports (for IT Analytics, not the Reports button part of the Console).
  3. Click on the Report Builder tab.
  4. Click on the Launch Report Builder button. Note: This is a courtesy link to running Microsoft Report Builder only and not part of Altiris or IT Analytics.
  5. Follow the instructions for configuring access to Microsoft Report Builder.
  6. Once Microsoft Report Builder is open, it can create or edit (out of box or cloned) IT Analytics reports.

Please Note: While IT Analytics does provide a convenience link to access Microsoft Report Builder, Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist customers with creating or troubleshooting using Microsoft Report Builder or with creating or troubleshooting any custom IT Analytics reports. Please contact Microsoft or your DBA for assistance with using Microsoft Report Builder or Symantec Consulting Services for assistance with creating custom IT Analytics reports, who can be reached here:

Symantec Consulting Services

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