Where is the Application Metering Monthly Summary data class information?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Before upgrading to Application Metering 6.1 I was able to view the AM Monthly Summary data classes for clients in the resource manager page.

However after the upgrade this dataclass is now missing from the resource eplorer, security role manager and configuration tabe.

How can we access this dataclass to secure it and forward the information to upstream Notification Servers?


The Application Metering inventory dataclasses (AeX AM Monthly Summary, AeX AM Monthly Summary Archive and AM Monthly Summary Common) are located under a folder named 'Application Metering Inventory'. This folder is itself located on the Configuration Tab > Resource Settings > Dataclasses.

In the Application Metering 6.1 configuration file 'ApplicationMetering_Folders.config' this folder is define as:

  <item guid="{C95C3429-1A1F-4809-A7CA-FD9B9B78CD6A}" classGuid="F1E8956A-A158-487f-8185-4C3B492734E7">
    <name>Application Metering Inventory</name>
    <description />

Note that the folder is set to Hidden. This is what is preventing the Application Meteing inventory classes from appearing normally in the console.

Run the following SQL command to set the folder attributes to 'NoModify,NoDelete,RunTimeLocalized':

-- Set the Data class folder 'Application Metering' to be visible (attributes=27-1)
update item set attributes = '26' where guid = 'c95c3429-1a1f-4809-a7ca-fd9b9b78cd6a'

This will allow the Applicatio Metering Inventory folder to appear on the 'Configuration > Resources > Dataclasses' directory:

The dataclass will also be visible in the Resource Explorer:

In the Security Role Manager:

And in the Inventory Class picker (within the Inventory Forwarding policy):


AM_Inv_DataClass01.png get_app
AM_Inv_DataClass01.png get_app