How to Turn Off/On a Policy on the SMP database


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




If for some reason you can't turn off/on a policy (the Symantec Management Agent Installation policy) or you can't access the SMP Console or load the actual policy page, how can you turn on/off a policy directly on the database?

To disable (turn off) a policy, run the following query:

update i
set State = REPLACE(cast(State as nvarchar(max)), '<enabled>True</enabled>', '<enabled>False</enabled>')
from Item i
where Guid = '124D0571-4725-466C-8F43-998160D3CFF2'  --Place the Policy GUID in this area. As an example we are using the GUID for the Symantec Management Agent Installation policy


To turn On (enable) a policy, change the entry [ '<enabled>False</enabled>', '<enabled>True</enabled>' ] on the query above.