How to remove Computers from Managed Delivery Policies that were added through the Software Portal


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By default systems remain managed by these policies. If you wish to remove computers added by the Portal, the attached script is available. It is offered "As is" and comes with no support nor gaurantees.

How to use the script.

1. Place the attached file to a directory in a directory on the Notification Server (possibly install_path\Program Files\Notification Server\Bin\).
2. Create Batch script containing the following command line:
"%Altiris install dir%\Notification Server\Bin\NScript.exe" "%path_to_file%\PurgePolicies.cs" X

NOTE: The beginning "variable" should be changed to your Notification Server install path.

Where X = number of hours when computers should be considered as obsolete in a MDP from teh Portal. If X is not defined then a default value 36 hours is used.

3. To run the script automatically on specified schedule use a NS “Run Script” task or Windows scheduled task.

NB! Batch script MUST be run as Administrator.