Now that Helpdesk has reached end of life how can I Migrate from Helpdesk 6.0 to the replacement product ServiceDesk 7.1


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About Helpdesk 6.0 and ServiceDesk 7.1

The most recent version of Helpdesk is 6.0 Service Pack 5 (6.0.308). This is available for Notification Server 6.0. The latest version of Helpdesk can be obtained by opening an Altiris 6 Console on the Notification Server and then going to Configuration > Upgrade/Install Additional Solutions > A-Z Solutions  or Currently Installed, if Helpdesk is already installed.
Important: HelpDesk has reached end of life and is no longer available for licensing or support.

ServiceDesk 7.1 is the replacement produce available for SMP Server 7.1(Symantec Management platform, AKA Notification Server ) This is an entirely different product designed using Workflow and is not a software upgrade from Helpdesk. Customers who currently have an active support contract with Symantec for Helpdesk are eligible for an upgrade to ServiceDesk. ServiceDesk also requires its own license and does not accept Helpdesk licenses for the upgrade. Refer to the following article for more information about licensing: 

Note that while this tech doc refers to SD 7.0 it applies equally to SD 7.1.
Can Helpdesk 6.0 licenses be used with ServiceDesk 7.0, or ServiceDesk 7.0 licenses uses with Helpdesk 6.0?

ServiceDesk Concepts and Terminology

It is important to understand the following concepts and terminology when working with ServiceDesk.

ServiceDesk consists of the ServiceDesk Solution and the ServiceDesk Server in the most common and minimal installation environment.

ServiceDesk Solution is the portion of ServiceDesk that is installed to the SMP Server.  ServiceDesk Solution on the SMP server (formerly NS) provides the licensing framework and basic integration into the SMP Server and CMDB Solution.  It also provides the location where you will go to download the actual install package for the ServiceDesk Server piece.

ServiceDesk Server is a separate installation from the ServiceDesk Solution.  It requires installation on it's own dedicated server separate from the Notification Server.  The system requirements for the ServiceDesk Server are listed below.  

 For more information on ServiceDesk concepts please refer to the Implementation Guide (linked to in the System Requirements section below), Section 1 Chapter 2.

ServiceDesk Server System Requirements

ServiceDesk is a very different product than Helpdesk. This requires considerably more resources, such as a dedicated server running Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit. While it supports virtualization, this assumes that the VM has sufficient resources to be able to install and host such a demanding product.

  • ServiceDesk Server requires Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit.

  • ServiceDesk Server recommended SQL Server is 2008R2 64-bit but SD can also use SQL 2005 (32-bit or 64-bit).

  • Additional ServiceDesk system requirements, such as processors and RAM, can be found in the following articles:

Installing or Upgrading Servicedesk 7.0 MR2 to 7.1 - Using a Domain-based Service Account

Symantec™ ServiceDesk 7.1 SP1 Implementation Guide

Installing SMP Server 7.1 and ServiceDesk Solution

ServiceDesk requires SMP Server 7.1 to be installed before it then be installed. If you do not already have a SMP Server 7.1 installed and configured,  refer to the following steps, otherwise skip to the next section, Installing ServiceDesk. If you require assistance in installing SMP Server 7.1 beyond the instructions here, please refer to the SMP Server 7.1 product guide or contact Technical Support to speak with the next available SMP Server technician.

  1. Using a web browser, go to the Symantec Trialware link at

  2. Click on a SMP Server product to download, such as Client Management Suite. This will download the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) .exe file, which works similarly to how Windows Add or Remove Programs works but for SMP Server 7.1 products.

  3. Install SIM onto the server that you will be using for the SMP Server 7.1 server.

  4. Using SIM, install the SMP Server 7.1 core, and any required updates such as service packs, etc.

  5. Once the SMP Server 7.1 core software is installed, you can then use SIM to install any products that you are licensed to use, such as ServiceDesk, or Patch Management 7, Inventory Solution 7, Asset Management 7, etc.

  6. Install any licenses, such as for ServiceDesk.

Installing ServiceDesk Server

  1. Confirm that you have three accounts prepared to use during the install.
    A successful installation of ServiceDesk requires three accounts with specific rights

  2. Closely follow the initial section of HowTo49691 (below) in setting up the prerequisites for ServiceDesk
    Installing or Upgrading Servicedesk 7.0 MR2 to 7.1 - Using a Domain-based Service Account
  3. Then when asked to transfer the ServiceDesk installer from the SMP server carefully follow the remainder of the installation guide.

Migrating Data from Helpdesk 6 to ServiceDesk 7

As ServiceDesk is an entirely different product than Helpdesk, not all data from Helpdesk can be migrated over. What can be migrated includes incidents, categories, and Knowledge Base articles. Note that while this tech doc refers to SD 7.0 it applies equally to SD 7.1. Refer to the following article on how this works:

Can ServiceDesk 7 migrate data from Helpdesk 6?