How to change Ethernet settings in SMG 9.5


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Messaging Gateway




To configure Ethernet settings in SMG
1 In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Configuration.
2 Under Hostname, check the Scanner whose Ethernet settings you want to
modify and click Edit.
3 On the Edit Host Configuration page, click the Ethernet tab.
4 Edit the Ethernet interfaces as needed by entering an IP, netmask, broadcast,
and network address for each Ethernet interface.
Change the Scanner or Control Center IP address if needed.
5 For each Ethernet NIC, check Auto Negotiation. Otherwise, select a speed
for the connection, and specify half or full duplex operation of the connection.
6 Check Segmentation to offload TCP segmentation from the gateway CPU to
the Ethernet card.
7 Check Enable this interface to activate a second Ethernet interface.
You can dedicate a second Ethernet interface to handling inbound or outbound
traffic only .