What do the acronyms listed in the Patch Remediation Center stand for?
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What do the acronyms listed in the Patch Remediation Center stand for?


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What do the acronyms in Patch Management stand for? 


Here are the definitions for the acronyms listed in the Patch Remediation Center (PRC) for all supported Software Bulletins:

7ZIP: 7 Zip
AAIR: Adobe Air
ACC: Adobe Creative Cloud
AFP: Adobe Flash Player & Adobe Air
AIND: Adobe InDesign
AI: Apple iTunes
AMDS: Apple Mobile Device Support
AOL: AIM for Windows
APSB: Adobe Flash Player Security Bulletin
AQ: Quick Time
AR: Adobe Reader
ARDC: Adobe Acrobat Reader Document Cloud
BBDM: BlackBerry Desktop Software
BONJ: Bonjour
BRIDGE: Adobe Bridge
BTS4: BizTalk Server
CHROME: Chrome
CR: Cumulative Rollup - Microsoft Monthly Rollups
CSWU: Microsoft Cumulative Update for Windows 10
CRUW: Convenience Rollup for Windows 7
CTXR: Citrix Receiver
EMET: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
FF: Firefox
FFE: Firefox ESR
FI: Foxit Reader
FIP: Foxit PhantomPDF
GACU: Update Rollup for Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
GAUR81: UPdate Rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
GDRIVE: Google Drive
GE: Google Earth
GOTOM: GoToMeeting
GT10: Google Talk
HSMH: HP System Management
HVCU: Hyper-V Integration Components Update
ICLOUD: Apple iCloud
ILLU: Adobe Illustrator
INTEL: Intel Active Management Technology
JAVA: Java Update
LIBRE: LibreOffice
MOZYH: MozyHome
MOZYP: MozyPro
MSAF: Microsoft Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player
MS#: Microsoft Software Bulletin (recent changes detailed further on INFO4140)
MSFT-DN: Microsoft .Net (recent changes detailed further on INFO4140)
MSFT-RV1: Microsoft Report Viewer
MSFT-VC: Microsoft Visual C++ Update
MSIE: Microsoft Internet Explorer Fix
MSNS: Microsoft Non-Security 
MSRT: Malicious Software Removal Tool
MSSL: Microsoft Silverlight
MSSP: Microsoft SharePoint
MSTZ: Microsoft Office Outlook Tool: Time Zone Data Update
MSWD: Microsoft Windows Defender
MSWP: Windows Phone App for Desktop
MSWU: Microsoft Windows Update
NPPP: Notepad++
O365: Microsoft Office 365
OMAIL: Opera Mail
OPERA: Opera
OROO: Apache OpenOffice
OVB: Virtual Box Update
PBID: Microsoft Power BI Desktop
PHOTO: Adobe PhotoShop
PICASA: Google Picasa
QP: Quality Preview
RP: Real Player Cloud
RRWU: Reliability Rollup Windows Update
RVNC: RealVNC Free Edition
SAFARI: Apple Safari
SB: Microsoft Security Only Quality Update (recent changes detailed further on INFO4140)
SBSP: Small Business Service Pack
SKYPE: Skype
SM: SeaMonkey
SPLUNKF: Splunk Software Update
SQL: Microsoft SQL Update
SSWU: Servicing Stack Windows Update
SUN: Sun Microsystems Java
SURT: System Update Readiness Tool
SW: Adobe Shockwave
TB: Thunderbird
TBE: Thunderbird ESR
VLC: VLC Media Player
WAMP: WinAmp
WIRES: WireShark
WZ: WinZip
YAHOO: Yahoo

Note: If any of these are required but not listed in the PRC; ensure the Vendor Listing on the Import Patch Data for Windows (MetaData) is enabled for the respective vendor. And if a Bulletin acronym is found in the PRC which is not listed here; highlight it, right-click > Resource Manager, and that will display the detailed description of the Bulletin and what it updates.