How can you tell if an .exe contains an .msi for Setup Captures?


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The Setup Capture tool can only be used for legacy .exe files, not .exe files that contain .msi files. How can I tell if an .exe contains an .msi?


You can tell if an installation is an .msi by the following ways. 

  • Go to and select packages on the left side, you can find the package listed and, when selected, it will let you know if the file is an .exe or .msi.   
  • Check the task manager when the installation is running to see if msiexec.exe is listed in Image Names in the Processes tab.
  • Execute the .exe. When the Welcome screen comes up, check the temp directory by entering %temp% into the Start > Run. If a file exists in the temp directory with the .msi extension from the date and time the .exe was executed (it will have been renamed), it is an .msi.