How to upgrade the appliance by first downloading and then installing the update


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How to upgrade via command line.

  1. Connect to the IP of the appliance via SSH (using PUTTY).
  2. Download the latest build. (or the next gated release)
  3. Start the install.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Verify new installation. 

Connect to the IP of the appliance via SSH (for example, PUTTY)

  •  Connect to the inbound IP of the appliance using SSH (port 22) and login as "admin".

Download the latest build

  • Run the command “update download". (NOTE: the update may take an hour or more)

Start the install

  • Run the command “update install” (NOTE: the upgrade may take some time, the larger the database, the longer it takes)


  •  The Appliance will reboot automatically when the upgrade finishes.

Verify new installation

  • Login the Control Center and make sure everything is available and working. Verify that email is flowing through the server.
  • Run the command, "update list" to verify the new version is installed.
  • To ensure you are on the latest version, check to make sure there isn't a newer version in the list than the installed version.