HOW TO: Install PGP Viewer for iOS


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This article details how to install the PGP Viewer for iOS.

The PGP Viewer for iOS app is obtained from the Apple App Store.
To install PGP Viewer for iOS:
1. On your iOS device, access the Apple App Store.
2. In the Search field, enter PGP Viewer for iOS, then tap Search.
3. Tap the icon for PGP Viewer for iOS.
4. On the PGP Viewer for iOS page, tap FREE under the PGP Viewer for iOS icon.
6. If an Apple ID Password dialog box appears, enter your Apple ID password, then tap OK.
PGP Viewer for iOS is installed onto your iOS device.
To configure PGP Viewer for iOS, you must do two things:
1. Enroll with your organization's PGP Universal Server.
See the following article for how to enroll the PGP Viewer for iOS with a PGP Universal Server:
2. Add your key onto your iOS device. (if using SKM key mode, your key will be automatically imported for you.)
To import a PGP key on your iOS device:
NOTE: Only CKM and SCKM key modes are supported for importing with PGP Viewer for iOS.
1. Export your PGP key from PGP Desktop, including the private portion, to a file.
2. Email the key file, as an attachment, to the email account on your iOS device.
3. Open the email message and tap the icon for the attachment.
4. Tap Open in "PGP Viewer for iOS" when the text appears above the icon. PGP
Viewer for iOS will import the key, making it available for decrypting.
To verify that a key has been imported:
1. Open PGP Viewer for iOS.
2. Tap Settings on the PGP Viewer for iOS Toolbar.
3. Tap Keys on the Settings screen.
4. Verify that the key you imported appears on the Keys screen.