How to add a custom icon to shortcut


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How to add my own icon to my shortcut?


There are times when you'll need to reference your own icon file within your shortcut.

To do this, follow these steps.

1. Select Setup Editor from the View menu or the Navigation bar.
2. Select the Tables tab and go to Icon table
3. Select New Row from the right-click menu.
4. Click in the cell in the Name column and enter a name (whatever you want to call this entry is acceptable).
5. Double click on the Data column and the Edit Binary Data dialog will appear.
6. Use the Browse button to locate and import the .ICO file.
7. Go to Shortcut table and under the Icon_ column, change the icon name to match the value you entered for the icon name.

Note that, even though you might have referenced your own .ICO file, the icon might not show up on the shortcut details page, but the actual icon will be associated with the shortcut after the installation has occurred.