Remove an old MSI installation with an .MSI


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How can I removed all previous versions of older .MSIs on my computer and then install the new .MSI?


If the previous installation is a .MSI:

  1. Open the previous .MSI and locate the Upgrade code in the Setup Editor > Table tab > Property table.
  2. Create your new .MSI and change the Upgrade code in Setup Editor > Table tab > Property table to the Upgrade code retrieved from step 1.
  3. Select the Upgrade page in Installation Expert.
  4. Select Add and Browse out to the .MSI that you will be removing.
  5. Go into .MSI Script and select the Execute Immediate tab. Locate the RemoveExistingProducts action at the end of the script.
  6. Highlight the RemoveExistingProducts and press Ctrl + x to remove the action.  Locate the InstallValidate action that is higher up in the script (less than half way down) and paste the RemoveExistingProducts action. You can use the Up arrow to relocate it if you would prefer.

This will allow the .MSI to find the previous MSI by looking for the Upgrade code.  Moving the RemoveExistingProducts removes the original .MSI prior to placing down the new one.