How to create a collection of retired computers


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How can I create a collection containing retired computers?


All computer collections are filtered through the view vComputer. Part of the vComputer's definition enforces a restriction that computers items must be flagged with an "Active" status. It is, therefore, impossible to create a collection that contains non-active computers.

This is intentionally done to reduce processing overhead. Non-active computer agents, by definition, should not communicate with the NS to inquire about work they should be performing.

There are some situations in which the above statement is inaccurate, such as an auto-retired computer (after a default purge computer setting of six months) is taken off the shelf and put into production. Because the NS had set the computer asset's status to Retired, all configuration requests are silently ignored on the NS's side. 

Another common request for a Retired Computers collection is when it is desirable to delete the asset to free up a license. (Not all Altiris solutions release a license for a retired asset.)

To remedy the situation, import the attached report (located at the far right of this article). It presents a complete list of retired computers. Each computer may be right-clicked to open the Resource Manager,  Deleted, or the asset can be changed back to an Active Status. 

Note: There are other methods of viewing a list computers, and then sorting by asset status. Unfortunately, with the inclusion of the Active Directory Integration Component, and other functionality (Virtual Computers and so on), there is not a universal location to list all computers, regardless of their asset status.

A sample screenshot of the report:


Non-active computers report.xml get_app
Non-active computers report.xml get_app