How to Install a 3rd party CA Certificate to Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2.0


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Control Compliance Suite Windows Protection Center Endpoint Protection




To Install a CA Certificate to SPC 2.0:

  1. Copy the Certificate(s) that you would like to install to an ISO, FLP or USB Drive
  2. Save the SPC_InstallCertificate utility in the format of your choice (ISO or ZIP) to the volume you created in step 1, or to your VM datastore
  3. Mount the ISO/FLP/USB volume to the SPC Appliance
  4. Login to the SPC Appliance Physical or Virtual console using the SPC_Admin credentials
  5. Click on the Install Protection Center Update link on the Protection Center Control Panel

  6. Browse & Run - (path's depicted may be different on your system, depending on the method used to access the script)

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install a certificate

    1. You can either type in a path to a certificate    or
    2. Search a file-system for Certificates, Pick a certificate     then

      Click the Import Button


SPC_InstallCertificate.ZIP get_app
SPC_InstallCertificate.ISO get_app
SPC_InstallCertificate.ZIP get_app
SPC_InstallCertificate.ISO get_app