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How to install and configure IT Analytics


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IT Analytics





Software prerequisites


IT Analytics Solution requires that specific software be installed.

Before we install IT Analytics Solution, the following software was installed

and configured:

·   Microsoft Windows 2003

·   Install .NET Framework 3.5 sp1

·       Install IIS and ASP.NET


The Default Web site should be configured to use All Unassigned IP address.




·         Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Database Engine (for Configuration Management Databases)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Service (for IT Analytics Cube database)


For more information about proper configuration, see the Microsoft MSDN

Web site at


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (for IT Analytics Reports)


For more information about proper configuration, see the Microsoft MSDN

Web site at


We recommend that you disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on the computer that hosts Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.



·      Install Microsoft SQL 2005 SP3

  • ADOMD.NET 9.0 (SQLServer2005_ADOMD.msi)

For the downloadable file, see




Microsoft Office Web Components 11 (2003) (owc11.exe) 

Installed on all computers that access the console. The owc11.exe file is installed with the default configuration. For the downloadable file, see


Verify the Installation of Reporting service:

·         Click on start

·         Click on Programs

·         Click on Microsoft SQL Server 2005

·         Click on Configuration Tools

·         Click on Reporting Services Configuration



Note:  It is crucial that the components with the Green Checked mark is configured and running.



Installing IT Analytics Solution


To install IT Analytics Solution

1.     Launch the Symantec Installation Manager. (symantec_sim.exe)

2.     Change the filter to: Product Type

3.     Change the filter: Solutions.

4.     Scroll down the list, and check IT Analytics Solution,

·         IT Analytics Solution SP2

·         IT Analytics Client and Server Management Pack SP2 MR1

·         IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack SP1 MR1




5.     Click Review Selected Products.

6.     Click Next.

7.     Follow the rest of the installation instructions.



Licensing IT Analytics Solution


1.     Click on Start

2.     Click on Programs

3.     Click on Symantec

4.     Click on Symantec Installation Manager

5.     Run the Symantec Installation Manager

6.     Select Add/Update Licenses



7.     Click Install Licenses and browse to the license file




Note: The current temporary license for IT Analytics will expire in 1/22/2011.  New License will be provided in the future.



Configuring IT Analytics Solution


Configuring Symantec Endpoint Protection connections to the SEPM database

1.     Launch the Altiris Console 7.0

·         Click on Start

·         Click on Programs

·         Click on Symantec or Altiris

·         Select Altiris Console 7.0

2.     Click on Home

3.     Select IT Analytics

4.     The following information will be available.



5.     Expand Settings

6.     Select Connections

7.     Double click on Symantec Endpoint Protection

8.     Complete the information below. 



9.     Click Apply


Configuration of the Local Database

1.     Click on Configuration

2.     Create a Reporting Server



3.     Click on Save Folder Settings


Install Symantec Endpoint Protection Cubes

1.     Click on Cubes

2.     Select all the cubes



3.     Click on Save changes


Processing Task

1.     Click on Processing

2.     Click on Run Now to process the default task.


Creating reports using cubes.

1.     Expand Content

2.     Expand Pivot Table.

3.     Select one off the cubes below




For additional information on configuring the IT Analytics, please examine the User’s Guide. (ITA_user_gde.pdf)