How to retire or decommission a Package Server?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




What is the best method to retire or decommission a Package Server?


The best method to use to remove a Package Server from the Altiris infrastructure is to delete it from the Package Server configuration on the Notification Server.  This can be done from the Altiris web admin console at Configuration tab, Server Settings | Notification Server Infrastructure, and the Package Servers tool.  When the Package Server is deleted from the Notification Server the following occurs:

     1) The Notification Server no longer refers to this agent machine as a Package Server
     2) The 'Package Delivery' and 'Package Server Agent' folders (and contents) are removed from what was the Package Server machine
     3) The Package Server agent is removed from what was the Package Server machine


The agent.log file is an excellent resource to use when retiring a Package Server if problems occur.  Be sure to enable the appropriate
logging level as needed .

Generally speaking, the AeXAgentUtil.exe file should only be used to remove the Package Server agent when it is no longer able to communicate with the Notification Server.  A description of two of the most commonly used switches for the AeXAgentUtil.exe utility are:

/UninstallAgents removes all sub-agent information.  Each sub-agent will have its uninstall process run.  Examples of sub-agents that will be uninstalled are Application Metering, Carbon Copy, Package Server, Software Delivery Solution Agent, Task Synchronization Agent, and Altiris Recovery Agent.  The Altiris Agent itself is not uninstalled nor is the Inventory Agent Package.

removes all sub-agent information as well as the Altiris Agent components from the registry and the file system, but it does not remove itself or the Altiris Agent directory.  The other directories that remain are ...\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy with CCW32.INI and CCW32.INI files and the ...\Program Files\Altiris\Express\Inventory folder and all files.