How to create and export Baseline queries in RMS into various formats .


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange Control Compliance Suite Windows





  1. Click New task List icon on the top of the RMS console .
  2. Click on Add tab and select the baseline option from the pop up.
  3. From the Select Query Binder window , select the query from the left  panel (for which the baseline data needs to be exported) and add it to the Selected Item box on the right panel and click Ok.
Note : The query selected  for base lining needs to have minimum two historical data sets to compare from . How to generate the historical data sets is out of scope here .
  1. On the Baseline task item box, verify the configurations for the baseline and edit the settings if required . For example “Selection of data sets to compare in baseline under the ‘Baseline’ section.” , “Run Post process commands as Attended or Unattended” and “After Post process commands complete section”.
Note : Description on the functionality of above mentioned sections are out of scope for this tech note.
  1. Now click on the Add tab below to add a Post Process Command .
  2. Select Export Grid from the options and click ok.
  3. On the export setup window , click “Choose” à Click the drop down list in the format section and select the desired file format to export the baseline results to. For example , pdf , html ,text format and many more .
  4. You can also select the destination of the file where it can be stored by selecting from the drop down list in the destination section . Once everything is selected click OK.
  5. Review the Folder Name ( where to store the exported file) and Filename and then click on “Save and Close”.
  6. Back on the baseline Task Item window click ok .