How to upgrade your Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 license to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 online


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Please note that in order for this process to work, your Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11 license MUST be registered in the licensing portal - if not you will need to register that first.
1.       Navigate to 
2.       Enter the details you have previously signed up with (the account that is registered for SEP 11) and click Login
3.       Choose the “Version Upgrade” option
4.       Either enter the Upgrade Notification ID you have been sent from Symantec (this is unlikely so close to launch) or click “I don’t have an Upgrade Notification ID”
5.       Choose the customer number associated to your SEP license (you MUST have a SEP 11 license registered in this portal)
6.       Choose the Endpoint Security 12.1 notification ID (note the date)
7.       Click Upgrade next to the product you wish to upgrade to SEP 12.1. Note that if you haven’t previously upgraded an associated product (Symantec AntiVirus for instance) then you may be prompted with a screen saying "There are additional license(s) for this product which are associate with an earlier version...".  If that is the case, click “View a list of Earlier Upgrade Notifications” and work through the process until you are allowed to upgrade to 12.1. 
Eventually, you will be prompted with a list of licenses which may be upgraded, with a checkbox next to each labeled as "Select"
8.       Tick the box “select” then click Upgrade, you may be prompted for user information
You now have a license key that can be used on fileconnect to download the SEP 12.1 software.  Take the license key you see on the web page and enter it on