Notes on Specifying Schedules by Month or Year (week view)
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Notes on Specifying Schedules by Month or Year (week view)


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 You are trying to specify a schedule, such as for a maintenance window, Patch Software Update Policy, or Managed Software Delivery Policy and you want to know how to specify a "Month (week view)" schedule or "Year (week view)" schedule.


When specifying a schedule, such as for a maintenance window

Settings > All Settings
Settings > Agents/Plugins > Symantec Management Agent > Settings > Maintenance Windows

When specific schedule is set to type "Month (week view)" or "Year (week view)"

then there two groups of check boxes:

  • One group contains: "Week 1", "Week 2", "Week 3", "Week 4", and "last".

  • The other group contains "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", and "Sat".

The two groups of check boxes are used together. So, a valid schedule must have at least one box in each group selected. For example, to schedule an event for the First Monday of the month, select: "Week 1" and "Mon".

Here are some notes about how the check boxes specifying weeks are interpreted.

  • Week 1 spans the 7 days from 1st to the 7th of the month. Put another way, to check "Week 1" and "Mon" will cause the event to occur on the First Monday of the month, and as such will occur once every month.

  • Similarly, Week 2 covers the 8th to the 14th; Week 3 covers the 15th to the 21st; and Week 4 covers the 22nd to the 28th.

  • The last week covers the last 7 days of the month. Thus, when "last" and "Mon" are selected, then the event will occur on the last Monday of the month. More specifically, the event will occur once and only once during the month on the fifth Monday of the month, if there is one, otherwise it will occur on the fourth Monday of the month.

  • There is no way to specify just the fifth week. That is, there is no way to schedule an event to occur only on the fifth Monday in months with five Mondays, and to not occur in months with only 4 Mondays.