How to use the SEP components in Workflow 7.1


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Workflow Solution Endpoint Protection




In order to use the SEP components in Workflow 7.1 you must first configure the SEP Server to allow authentication to the webservice the components call.

To do this:
1.    Login into SEPM console.
2.    Go to ‘Admin’ tab -> servers.
3.    Right click on ‘Local Site’ if your SEPM is EE else right click on ‘Servers’.
4.    Select ‘Edit Site Properties’.
5.    In dialog box, go to ‘Web Services’ tab.
6.    In Authentication section, Enable check box for ‘Session-based’ authentication.

To configure the components in Workflow:
After adding the SEP component(s) you wish to use, go to the properties for the project.
Change the SEPUsername to admin.
Change SEPPassword to the password for the admin account in SEPM.
Change SEPURL from the default of  https://sepserver:8443/spc-webservice, replacing sepserver with the name of the server with the SEP Management Console installed.