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Support Recommended Reading List for Deployment Solution 7.1 (updated October 2013)


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Deployment Solution




Just a list of useful articles and utilities you may find beneficial when using and supporting Deployment Solution 7.1.  We do keep this updated, so bookmark it.  New "stuff" we bump into makes it into a table at the top for highlighting, which may be good to review now and again even if you're not having problems.

The same article for DS 7.5 can be found Here.

Table of Contents:

  1. Useful Tools / General Information
  2. Getting Started with Deployment Solution
  3. Custom Configurations / Making DS work for you.
  4. General Troubleshooting
  5. PXE, PXE, and more PXE!
  6. Troubleshooting Image Capture and Deployments
  7. Task and Task Related (to Deployment specifically)


 Recent Additions and/or Highlights (look for the links below)

Article Description
HOWTO85100 A new KB on how to add WinPE 4 and full UEFI support to Deployment Solution 7.1.  These changes already exist in the 7.5 product, but the modifications have been ported back to the earlier release.  Before using, pay close attention to new "Known Issues" that arise with this change.
TECH203390 A new ConfigService that is solving several post-imaging issues that occur because our agent starts and sends up inventory prior to MiniSetup finishing and/or processing the Unattend.XML file.
TECH209389 A new DLL to prevent problems post imaging (after Ghost finishes) where the task fails because FIRM can't copy a file to PROD.  This only occurs on EFI systems in BIOS or Compatible mode.  Remember that EFI is not yet supported in DS but will be in 7.5 and in an upcoming patch to 7.1.
HOWTO84000 Turning on BootWiz Logging.  If bootwiz appears to not be running when you ask for a preboot config to be built/rebuilt, it most likely is.  This KB tells you how to enable logging to find out what's really happening, because it's most likely running and then exiting immediately
HOWTO84002 A script to force a rebuild of a preboot config on a single site server.  By default, if you want to rebuild, this is triggered on all site servers.  This task gets around that limitation.
HOWTO83910 Automation Folders top-to-bottom.  This KB discusses everything you may need, including what you need to avoid those support calls.  ;)
TECH203216 For issues where you can't schedule a job against a new computer in Automation until Delta has run, this KB contains a custom Stored Procedure that will get around this.


Useful Tools / General Information

  • On CONNECT - Product Architecture and Dataflow (Recommended) 
  • HOWTO48411- Task Management Best Practices (Recommended
  • On CONNECT - "Putting it All Together" Document and Video Series on learning and troubleshooting Deployment Solution 7.1
  • TECH207094 - A very useful SQL performance tip for SMP using READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT
  • HOWTO60787 - SSE Tools - advanced troubleshooting tools
  • TECH202997 - SWAT tools for finding common issues with links to common sollution KB's
  • HOWTO21449 - RAAD - remote agent diagnostics
  • HOWTO77027 - ITMS Technical Resource Kit (may overlap SSE Tools)
  • HOWTO83482 - EFI & UEFI Support in 7.1
  • HOWTO85100 - Adding WinPE4 and UEFI Support to 7.1 (supported method)
  • DOC6284 - Official support matrix for the DS 7.1 platform.  Remember that support is limited!!


Getting Started with Deployment Solution

  • HOWTO30267 - "Quick Start" guide for DS (Very brief, published by Support)
  • HOWTO44092 - Informational KB on migrating from DS 6.9 to DS 7.1 (Very brief, published by Support)
  • On CONNECT - "Putting it All Together" Document Video Series (includes a more detailed quick-start guide, and a more detailed 6.9 to 7.1 migration guide)
  • TECH186664 - A new version of DeployAnywhere including detailed use and troubleshooting information.  (Recommended for everyone to include this file)
  • TECH203390 - A new version of the ConfigService to resolve post-imaging issues.  (Recommended for everyone to include this file)
  • TECH209389 - A new version of ClientImageDeploy.DLL to resolve issues on EFI systems in BIOS mode where imaging fails after Ghost completes (Recommended)
  • HOWTO21623 - Setting up PXE on DS 7.1 Server
  • HOWTO21731 - Image Storage and Replication (Recommended)
  • HOWTO83910 - Automation Folders top to bottom, including Creation, how to make upgrades work, removal, etc.


Custom Configuration / Making DS Work for You.

  • HOWTO36080 - How to add the SMA to an image in WinPE via Script
  • HOWTO75168 - Putting it all Together: Scaling DS to the Enterprise
  • HOWTO32586 - Moving the image store location
  • HOWTO21724 - How to add another PXE Server (after the NS)
  • HOWTO10872 - Adding NIC / Mass Storage drivers
  • HOWTO10090 - Migrating BDC Drivers from DS 6.9 to 7.x
  • HOWTO42244 - add HOST file entries to Linux Automation
  • HOWTO83750 - Creating a Boot Disk with self contained image deployment
  • HOWTO55908 - Customizing your WinPE Environment

General Troubleshooting

  • HOWTO84000 - Enable BootWiz logging on site servers other than SMP
  • HOWTO84002 - Build a task to rebuild a preboot config on a single site server
  • TECH203216 - Jobs don't schedule on new computers (Delta update must run first)
  • TECH203390 - Deployment jobs fail after reboot to production during the tasks that follow
  • TECH202638 - Computers not recognized in Automation when using an inactive NIC
  • TECH186664 - Managing DeployAnywhere with a New Version & troubleshooting.
  • HOWTO31248 - DS Logging top to bottom
  • TECH127264 - Task Handler folder is missing files/folders
  • TECH133451 - PXE Server not on PXE Server Config page
  • TECH127551  - PXE Server not on PXE Server Config page v2
  • TECH165605 - Interpretor for "command script" is not installed
  • TECH127620 - Automation Agent doesnt talk to NS over HTTPS
  • TECH1442575 - DS Site Components only install the WAIK
  • TECH142575  - Installation of DS Site fails or installs partially.

PXE, PXE and more PXE

  • HOWTO7071 - Vendor Specific PXE Forced Mode
  • TECH152363  - PXE Configs don't show on all servers. 
  • TECH133468  - Computers treated as "unknown" by PXE 
  • TECH140403  - Deleted computers are still "known" by PXE   -or-   How to make know computers "unknown" to PXE   -or-   How to test Init. Dep. after deleting computers
  • TECH165880 - PXE services bind to incorrect NIC if dual+ NIC's 
  • TECH127349 - Interface service crashes on startup 
  • TECH127602 - SBS Services fail - InitialPXEConfigPath prob
  • TECH127591 - SBS Services fail - SBSNSiSignal.ini problem
  • TECH139487 - How to update Automation Folders 
  • TECH159249 -  What happend to my F8 Menu?
  • TECH133468 - Managed PC's treated as Unknown by PXE 
  • HOWTO26109 - Which PXE Configs are in-use, and where. 
  • TECH152363 - PXE menus only show on some Site Servers 

 Troubleshooting Image Capture and Deploy

  • TECH164467 - Image capture fails because GHConfig can't find an active drive
  • TECH157386 - Unknown Exception with ghost capture - "file does not exist"
  • HOWTO42340 - Troubleshooting Initial Deployment
  • HOWTO21648 - Licensing with KMS Servers
  • HOWTO41864 - Predefined Computers with MAC only!!
  • TECH159420 - Initial Deploy and Predefined computers connect to the wrong Task Server
  • TECH122141 - Product Key = blank when imaging
  • TECH127631 - "file not found" when imaging with Ghost
  • TECH127632 - images pulled from remote Task Servers

 Tasks and Task Related (to DS)

  • HOWTO48411 - Task Management Best Practices
  • TECH46108 - "Task instance is being put to sleep..."
  • TECH127269 - "Object TaskServerHandler is not installed"
  • TECH140237 - Clients don't follow Task assignments.
  • TECH141851 - "save script output with task status" problems
  • HOWTO36080 - install SMAgent in Automation via VBS
  • HOWTO10863 - Reducing Task traffic to the NS
  • HOWTO30341 - Creating a Seral # Token
  • HOWTO32436  - TS Troubleshooting Guide
  • HOWTO32603  - Manual installation of Task Servers
  • TECH143463 - Clients can't register on 2008R2 / IIS7


  • TECH127620  - SSL does not work in WinPE Automation
  • TECH122379 - DS packages fail with "Package is Invalid"
  • TECH159412 - "Cannot process unattend file" when imaging Win7