What are Package Codebases and how are they updated?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




What are Package Codebases and how are they updated?


Package Codebases

How the Notification Server publishes a Package’s codebases (or download location on the network) affects directly where the clients will download the package from. All these codebases are kept in the database table SWDPackageCodebase. To see a Package’s Codebases, run through the following steps:

  1. Find the desired Package in the Notification Server, right-click, and choose Properties
  2. Copy out the Guid shown under the General tab, i.e. {053effa6-130e-45b5-b959-100f9a499f8b}
  3. Open up a Query window into the Altiris Database
  4. Run the following query (the example below uses the Guid shown above):
    SELECT * FROM SWDPackageCodebase
    WHERE PackageId = '053effa6-130e-45b5-b959-100f9a499f8b'
    • The results contain all the download points for this package. This includes codebases from the Notification Server and all Package Servers this Package has been assigned to.
    • By default each location will have both an HTTP and FILE delineator at the beginning of the string in the URL column.  FILE specifies a UNC location.

NOTE: The Codebases do not automatically update when you change the location for an existing Package. The update requires several items:

  1. Distribution Point Update: This is tied to a schedule in the Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks named: NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule.{29a2b641-222a-43b0-830c-a25c59e93fe4}. You can manually click the 'Update Distribution Point' button in the Package, or run this schedule. You can also wait for the schedule to run automatically within 10 minutes (by default).
  2. Snapshot Creation: As part of the Distribution Point update, a Snapshot is generated and stored on the Notification Server here: Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Snapshots\. The name of the file matches the Guid of the Package. Clients, including Package Servers, must download the snapshot before they can download the Package.
  3. Package Servers: If Package Servers exist in the environment they must go through the standard Package Delivery process, with the added step of setting up Distribution Points via UNC and IIS (if available).