How the Altiris Agent obtains Package Codebases (download sources)
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How the Altiris Agent obtains Package Codebases (download sources)


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IT Management Suite


How does the Altiris Agent obtain Package Codebases (download sources) for packages that are referenced in the Client Configuration Policy?


ITMS 8.x



  1. The Altiris Agent obtains information for a Task/Package from the Client Configuration Policy, located and named after this manner:

    C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Client Policies\<server_name>.XML

  2. In the Client Configuration Policy a Package GUID will be referenced, as in this example (the Client Config Policy is in XML format):

    <Policy guid="{A36705A8-123D-40AB-BCAB-D9494D19D938}" name="Software Delivery Task for program : One of Three"
       <ClientPolicy agentClsid="Altiris.SWD">
          <SoftPkg Name="One of Three" displayName="" Id="{46D50E6E-183C-4D15-9767-EE14EBEA5ED4}" Version="1.0"
    InternalVersion="1127796544" Originator="NS" Destination="" CleanupAfter="10080" Priority="Normal" StatusEventsEnabled="true">

  3. Once the Altiris Agent has received the details for a Task that includes a Package, it creates a folder based on the Package GUID in the following location (GUID obtained from the above example):

    C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\{46D50E6E-183C-4D15-9767-EE14EBEA5ED4}

  4. In this folder, XML files are formed. The XML file containing the codebases is named package.xml.

  5. To obtain this information, the Altiris Agent accesses the following page:


  6. The Server returns the information into the package.xml of where the client can download the package. Here is an example:

    <Package id="{46D50E6E-183C-4D15-9767-EE14EBEA5ED4}" name="One of Three" size="0" version="1127796544" remote="false"
    priority="Normal" status="valid" minspeed="0" enableMulticast="true" statusDescription="valid">
       <Source time="2005-09-26 16:50:41" speedTest="true">
          <SiteQuery url=HTTP://<server_name>/ALTIRIS/NS/Agent/GetPackageInfo.aspx resource="{EDE45177-50D9-4851-9734-8B01BDC13A85}" type="codebases" />
          <Codebase href="http://<server_name>/Altiris/NS/NSCap/Bin/Win32/X86/OneOfThree"
    snapshot=http://<server_name>/Altiris/NS/Agent/GetPackageSnapshot.asp />
          <Codebase unc="\\<server_name>\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\OneOfThree"
    snapshot=http://<server_name>/Altiris/NS/Agent/GetPackageSnapshot.asp />

  7. To view the list of Sources in the Altiris Agent UI, follow these steps:
    • Launch the Altiris Agent UI by double-clicking on the Altiris System Tray icon, or by launching C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXAgentActivate.exe.
    • Under the Software Delivery section of the UI, double-click on the package desired, or highlight the package and click the Properties link on the left-side of the UI.
    • Click the Download History tab.
    • The Sources box shows all available download location that has been provided to the client by the GetPackageInfo.aspx call.