Why are batch files not getting downloaded? Unable to completely stage updates.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Some Patch Management Updates are downloading successfully, but batch files not downloading.



Some Patch Management Updates are not staging completely with 4/8 Downloads.

NS Log shows errors:

          Description: Download failed for http://www.solutionsam.com/imports/6_2/patch/microsoft/commands/ <BULLETIN-UPDATE.EXE>.bat

          Description: MIME type is text (not binary file). Received HTTP status code OK (OK) text/html; charset=utf-8 for

  Description: The remote server returned an error: Download failed for 'http://www.solutionsam.com/imports/6_1/patch/microsoft/commands/ms09-068_office2003-kb973443-fullfile-enu_b226e.bat'. The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.

Also found some instances where the Microsoft Patch Management Import is unable to download the .cab file with similar errors in the Altiris Log Viewer

Patch Management Solution is expecting a .bat file; however, the download is being modified to a .txt file by a firewall/proxy/security edge device before the Notification Server.

This is what causes the message "Description: MIME type is text (not binary file)."

The firewall/proxy/Network Security needs to be configured to allow Notification Server to download .bat file and the .cab file types.


Note: This issue may also occur in Patch Management Solution 7.x and 8.0 for it is caused by network security settings.