Enable serial port console redirection to the iDRAC6 for SMG, STS and SWG
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Enable serial port console redirection to the iDRAC6 for SMG, STS and SWG


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Web Gateway Messaging Gateway





It is possible to access the serial console of the Symantec Messaging Gateway, Symantec Traffic Shaper and the Symantec Web Gateway via iDRAC6 SSH interface.  The Symantec appliance in question will need to have an iDRAC6 card installed.  These steps may work on a previous version of the DRAC, all though, they have not been tested.
With a keyboard and monitor attached to the device reboot the device from the CLI interface.  When the device is rebooting complete the steps below.
1.       Press F2 during post to enter the BIOS setup.
2.       Enter the “Serial Communication” configuration within the BIOS
3.       Configure with the settings depicted in the attached screenshot.
4.       Exit the BIOS and save the settings.
5.       When prompted hit CTRL+R to enter the DRAC configuration during post.
6.       Configure the DRAC so that it is accessible from your network and configure a password for the root user.
7.       Exit the DRAC configuration and save the settings.
After the device has rebooted using an SSH client complete the steps below:
  1. SSH into the DRAC and login with the root user.
  2. Execute the commands below:
  • racadm config -g cfgSerial -o cfgSerialBaudRate 9600
  • racadm config -g cfgSerial -o cfgSerialCom2RedirEnable 1
  • racadm config -g cfgSerial -o cfgSerialSshEnable 1
  • racadm config -g cfgIpmiSol -o cfgIpmiSolEnable 1
  • racadm config -g cfgIpmiSol -o cfgIpmiSolBaudRate 9600
The DRAC should now be configured to access serial console. From the DRAC SSH interface run the command below to access the serial console:
console com2
To return to the DRAC interface and disconnect from the console the default escape sequence is ^\ (CTRL+\).

This will allow the same abilities as physically connecting a terminal emulator to the RS232 port of the device.  Console redirection is also enabled from POST so the BIOS and associated controller interfaces available during POST can also be access via the serial console.




bios_serial_settings.png get_app
bios_serial_settings.png get_app