How to hide an item in Symantec Management Console for a particular Security Role
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How to hide an item in Symantec Management Console for a particular Security Role


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 How can an Item in the Console be hidden from a specific Security Role


The following will show how to hide an item in the Symantec Management Console. In this example, we will use the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) service account (or the Application ID) to create a custom task, and hide this for a custom group:

Service Account of SMP (Application ID): ABC\appID
Custom Group: Level 2 Workers (created by cloning the default "Symantec Level 2 Workers" group)
Custom User: ABC\user1

1. Login as the Service Account of SMP, and create a task in the Symantec Management Console (Home > Jobs and Tasks. Create a "Test ABC Server Job" under Jobs and Tasks > ABC > Software Management Jobs > Clients)

2. Create a new Security Role called Level 2 Workers (cloned from Symantec Level 2 Workers) and add a user in the Level 2 Workers group.

3. Right click on the Level 2 Workers group and select Security Role Manager. In the new window (Security Role Manager), select the role to Level 2 Workers and View: Tasks. Then, in the left pane, expand Tasks > Jobs and Tasks > Software Management Jobs > Clients > Test ABC Server Job. Click on Advance Button in the right pane.

4. In the Permission for: Test ABC Server Job window, select the Level 2 Workers [Altiris Role]; Permissions: Custom [Inherited] role, uncheck the Inherit the permission entries from parent object that apply to child objects and click on Save Changes. Notice that the inherited permissions include Delete, Read and Write.

5. In the Inherited Permissions Behaviour window, click on Copy.

6. The permissions of all other roles become Non-inherited. Select the Level 2 Workers [Altiris Role]; Permissions: Custom [Inherited] role and uncheck the Delete, Read and Write permissions. Click on Save Changes.

7. In the Security Role Manager, click on Save Changes and close the window.

8. Login to the Symantec Management Console using the Custom User (e.g. ABC\user1) with the correct credential.

9. The custom task is now invisible in the console.