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How to add a Collection Picker to a report


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How can I add a "Collection Picker" to a report?


When creating a report there may be times when you only wish to run it against certain collections.

  1. Create a new report:

  2. In the Report Builder Wizard, choose the type of report you want to create (for this example "Enter SQL Directly" is being used).
    I added a simple query to the SQL Statement that has a variable in it "MyCollectionPicker" as shown below (you can enter or modify the SQL at any point of this process).

  3. After you click "Finish" you will be returned to the Altiris Console.  From here click "New Parameter" to show the screen below.  The "Name" you specify here will be used in the query for the report.  Per the example below, the name chosen is MyCollectionPicker, the Parameter type is "Item picker", the "Prompt" can be any text you choose to use, and the "Class filter" is set to "Collections".

  4. After you click "Ok" you will be brought back to the Console again to review the changes you made.  Click "Apply" then run the report.

NOTE: When you specify a name for the Global Parameter, within the query you must surround the name with the percent sign (%) and in the case of the query used for this example, the item returned for the selected collection is the GUID for that collection in "string" format.  This means that in order for the query to run successfully the entire parameter needed to be surrounded by single quotes ('%MyCollectionPicker%')